Our Team

Our Team

Our team is a group of competent problem solvers that have worked in highly diverse environments and we equip them with training, certification, and the right job assignments to accumulate practical experience. We ensure that each individual is skilled and experienced with basic requirements.

As a result, our skills, methods, and experience enable us to be effective in thinking broadly, “beyond the project,” in order to deliver the most effective solutions for your business. We always remember that, it is our team who deliver what client needs.

Our Expectations From Our Team are:


Respect opinion, Share and Collaborate ideas and information, and provide mutual support for achievement of goals.


Remaining accountable for individual as well as teamwork.


Share ideas, Listen to clients and colleagues and accept constructive criticism.

What We Do

IT Service & Support

With E-Trix, you can get a single partner for products procurement, implementation and desktop/network/server support services.

IT Relocation Service

We provide a one-stop solution for your office/data center IT relocation needs with temporary or long terms storage space available.

Hosting Service

Designed to keep downtime for your websites to an absolute minimum from simple shared hosting to minimize your costs to fit your business.